Tuesday 3 March 2015

W.a.O Featured Writer this Week - Chris, a Story of Hope

Shalom All!

While preparing for this month where we celebrate womanhood and while prayerfully walking with God to compile this wonderful book we have coming out this month. I sensed that each week leading up to the launch, I should feature a writer. So I prayerfully pulled a name out of God's Hand and Hat and this week our first featured writer is Chris. 

In her own words, Chris says she
is not a pastor, missionary or even an elder. She’s a seeker who found the secret of the Secret Place. Chris has an instructed ear and her tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
Chris was lost, alone, hopeless, helpless and even homeless. She was raised in abject poverty, one of twelve children. With nothing more than a prayer of relinquishment she was delivered from bitterness, anger and so much more. Her uncle traveled hundreds of miles to bring her home, introduce her to Christ and after one year sent her back out into the world a new person.
When I first read Chris' story, I was blessed by the Love of Christ, the deep love that found Chris alone, helpless and homeless. The darkness of the life Chris once knew can be felt in her story and then miraculously Christ's Life and Love shone in to her life. Reading her story touched me deeply, it is a story of hope for all who are lost, for all who believe there is no chance for them. It's a story that says - no one is beyond Gods Loving eye, or Redeeming arm. I cant wait for you to read her story for yourself in Windows across Oceans.
 My story reveals that no matter where you are in the world (a dump), what has happened to you (abuse), God is still reaching out to you and sees you. We call Him El Roi - the God who sees. Hagar was abused (Abraham and Sarah "used" her and threw her out), but God was watching. To her He revealed Himself as El Roi and he brought her water for her thirsty soul. He showed her the well. I was thrown out too and in so many ways that is what oppression is all about. - Chris.
In one word Chris' story is Captivating! 
It is written with heart rendering vulnerability, drawing you into the depths of despair and turmoil of soul. Yet it releases over you the love of a Heavenly Father who hears, sees and restores! - Reviewer, Windows across Oceans, Lauretta Smith - Love & Friendship South Africa
If you haven't heard about the exciting Windows across Oceans Project yet, then here is the link Windows across Oceans - Our Book.
Happy Women's Month! Celebrate!

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