Tuesday 26 August 2014

Pottery Hearts for Women's Day

The peeps over at Create with Joy - Inspire me Monday, have inspired me this Tuesday (okay I'm a day late!) to share something I have made with the rest of the world. So I will share with you something I just recently made, a real gift from the heart. Four months ago, Father shared something special with me that I needed to make in a pottery class, although I had never done pottery in my life before! So I started pottery classes and took it week by week - on this post I am not sharing what Father told me to make, rather I am sharing something really cool that I made in my very last pottery class....
The 9th of August is Women's Day in South Africa and to celebrate, I hosted a women's day event where we spoke about Gendercide. Added to the program was ministry by a harpist and a speaker who shared her adopted sons story with us. It was a very deep day with many tissues and many hearts been touched. So for the day I made pottery hearts, little gifts from my heart and from the heart of God. I rolled out a large slab and used cookie cutters to cut out the hearts and then I put holes in each one for a string or necklace cord to go through. I used three different underglazes, blue, white and pink. They were gifts made with love! Once they were fired, they looked so beautiful. The ladies at the afternoon were blessed by the gifts they received on the day and if you have someone who can fire your goods, pottery gifts are beautiful gifts to give on birthdays and events. Sadly, I did not get any pictures of all the hearts so I can only share a picture of some of the pink hearts - but it was a real joy to make these! 
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