Friday 23 September 2016

Five Impossible Things - FMF

Time to write, unedited on the prompt "five" GO!

Alice: "Sometimes I think as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Hatter: "That is a good practice."

In the very wierd and crazy film Alice in Wonderland, Alice has to go up against an ancient dragon and slay it. It seems impossible. Well it is to the logical mind because Alice is no warrior, she is just a girl who fell down a hole in to another world. She has no training and is not skilled at being a swordswoman, but as she takes to the battle ground, she tells the hatter that she thinks of many impossible things. And as she fears, she begins to recount impossible things that are actually very real. With each phrase she grows stronger, not on the outside, on in height or in skill but within. Within she grows, in courage and belief.

This resonated with me this week because this week I too experienced a number of difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences. I sat with these and Abba Father was so amazing in helping me heal and release what only He can change. And as I drew my knees in to the carpet, and clutched my hands together to pray about the new projects in my heart, the new things I so believe can happen. There remained somewhere within me, five reasons why it is impossible to believe that it could happen. It was very special however, to have the Holy Spirit counsel me in this area and show me exactly what I was feeling at the time. I laid down those five impossible things at the feet of my Saviour and I have renewed hope that is limitless. And the reality is that there is a God and He saved a young, broken girl and transformed her life. There is a Living God and He healed me of illness and restored my health. There is a God of nearness who can speak to you at every moment and second of every day. And There is a Man who makes dreams come true, who took a humble offering, gifted it to that girl and now she treasures it as a published book when the world said it was impossible..... And when impossibilities stare us down, I'm going to be like Alice and take up my sword and believe!

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  1. You've put Alice in a whole new light. What a beautiful picture of surrendering to the Father all the worries. And what a testimony of his work in your life. How is the book doing and how are you? Have a beautiful weekend, Aliyah!

  2. Great post, Aliyah!

    Truly, when we lay things in Abba's hands, EVERYTHING becomes possible!

    #1 at FMF this week.