Saturday 1 October 2016

FMF - Collect like Seeds all These

I'm a Day Late :) So I am connecting with Five Minute Friday on this Saturday! The prompt this week is collect, Go! 

 Carpet burnt knees, prayed out. Open hands that have collected guilt and fear like seeds. Scatter them to the breeze, I am free yet this momentary stumbling on weak knees, leads me to this battle ground of whispers, lies that lead to doubt. Scatterlings of seeds, water flows through like torrents, misty streams. Water enough to purify the aging rocks that lie scattered on the river banks of this soul. I am free. Peer down towards my palms again, new seed, I pull back, these are the seeds I have to give. Weary soul purified, today will come again and I will have to navigate a similar riverbend. Pull these seeds in to my pocket, Heavens scent lingers on their skins, I have been given seed. Find the soil, dig hands in to dirt and ash, plant them in to the soil, let others eat. Touch the dirt from whence Adam came and know these seeds are Heaven Birthed for Adams seed everywhere. Eat from the seeds that give life, birth fruit in to this weary soul. Turn and find Him waiting for me, the God Man who loves to plant seeds. "Come" He whispers, as I take His Hand, lean heavily on to His arm as weariness keeps pushing on. The feel of His jacket contentment to my soul, here I lean to feel free of lifes pressing more. 

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