Thursday 3 March 2016

February Highlights and Lessons

February was a great month, not without trial or challenge but through these challenges we grow, we stretch and we become even purer and more durable for the Kingdom! Amen! So February Highlights and Lessons, here it comes!

There are ducks who Work!
That’s right, working ducks. Since becoming a contributor for a local magazine I have really enjoyed writing and visiting some amazing places. This month we visited a wine estate and we were treated so well. On the farm, they have 800 Indian runner ducks who work in the vineyards. There is a duck parade everyday where they head off to work and then come home every afternoon. They are amazing, that is why the Bible forbids eating ducks, because they are bottom feeders, they clean, that’s their God ordained role and to see them living it out and thriving was amazing.
Self-Care is important.
Father God has been leading me to take time out and spend some time before bed just writing down some things, more specifically I have been working through 52 Lists. It’s amazing how God is using this to speak to me, show me things about myself that I never knew. We talk and in the process I am learning more about myself, both wounded areas and areas where I am free. It is amazing, and I am only in the beginning. I have also been inspired to create my own lists, not just limiting myself to 52 Lists. If you have not yet checked it out, check it out!
Script – Writing is it for me?
The jury is still out on this one. What I have learned is that through the process of writing this film script for a movie to be filmed this year, I have had to confront something I never wanted to confront before. The film is a true life story about a wonderful woman, who God healed from cancer 16 years ago. What has touched me is that I am writing a living persons story and that has deepened the journey. My book out this year and the one I just finished for next year, God – willing, are both true life stories but based on deceased women. So no trouble with their opinions but now writing on someone who is alive, is really different, its deeper in a way. I have also had to confront the fact that I fear cancer. It feels somewhat liberating and frightening just saying that, because I have never said it before. My aunt died of cancer last year and it was pretty tough for the family, but I want to be healed of this fear and I know God is busy within me. Will I do another film script, who knows, maybe!
I love writing! New opportunities!
Yeah, Yeshua is renewing me. Last year was pretty tough being a new novelist and working with a very difficult editor. This year I have been given some new opportunities that I am loving. I have also been blessed to become a reviewer for an amazing brand I love and whose products I love but cannot afford. Now I get sent products I love for free and I get to write about them, God is so good!

It's about the Mind.
What we feed our minds with is a big deal and I am learning how important it is to keep a clear mind, to choose vehemently what comes in to my mind and to fill my mind with what is good, pure, holy and noble.

I loving being part of a Sister Circle.
I don’t like clich├ęs so I won’t use them. This month for International Women’s day, I interviewed some amazing women I know about what it means to be a women and their answers were all so different. What was true though was how much stronger the sense of womanhood was in women who know Messiah and who live by His Spirit. Women I interviewed who did not know God, seemed more negative and downcast about who they were. This has truly blessed me in a way because I have been a gender equality writer and advocate for so long, especially in ministry and as an ordained minister and writer, this encourages me again to know how much God wants to heal and restore our womanhood. He wants us to be lions who roar, woman who shine like the stars and an army of foot soldiers ready to march with truth, wow I am excited about it!
My artwork has Changed.
So I celebrated 2 years of painting this month and this year has seen a marked change in my art. Last year I was ready to give up because I was somewhat lost. However, as my husband and I have rounded a new corner with new revelation and prophetic message that God is giving us piece by piece, this message is forming on canvas. My art is changing and it’s deep, really cool for me to share my heart on canvas, a tiny touch of heaven. 

Scripture I am loving this month -  2 Timothy 4:5 “But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Do not be afraid of suffering for Yeshua, work at telling others the Good News and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.”

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  1. It sounds like you've had a faith-filled month of lessons! May God continue to bless your efforts and your offerings to him.