Wednesday 2 March 2016

Never Letting Life get us Down!

 It was 2005. I was a second year Psychology student, and the sky was the limit. I loved sitting in my desk, beginning of the year, waiting to meet our new lecturer. Sometimes however, that meeting really bit the dust - because the lecturer turned out to be horrible! SO when I sat in that crazy plastic chair with the humdrum of my fellow students wafting about me, I sat up when the door opened and closed. It was the long haired guy with the guitar pick in his mouth, who purposefully came in late and dropped his plectrum in the middle of the aisle. "Oh," he shouted out loud, "that's my guitar pic, I must have dropped it!" He always seemed to stop next to me and give me a weird grin, my friend would laugh and I would roll my eyes. Just because I had purple hair did not mean I was in to guys who pretended to play guitars, go sit down already before you hurt yourself bozo. Or that is what I thought anyway before I stared down at my textbook, HIV Aids Counselling 101. 

Yip, that was it, my mind began to wonder at the crazy things we would learn and then oh yea bagels from the corner cafe with melted cheese and smoked chicken for lunch, wow that sounds good... "Hey D," I whispered to my friend, "how about bagels from - "
But the door opened before I finished my sentence and in walked a tiny little lady holding a hand bag and her notes. I did not finish my sentence, rather I watched her walk confidently to the desk and get up on to the chair. "Hey everyone, I'm Nicky." She had no arms and shortened legs, little but bold. 
 We all watched her as she smiled cutely and told us about her life as a clinical psychologist. She was also not afraid to say those words we all still giggle about, because as she told us, when you are counselling someone with HIV, you better get comfortable with those adult words. 

"But maam, I'm a Christian I don't use say those words."
"So didn't God create you with those things as well?"
Okay point taken, I'll stop blushing, I get you and besides that guy with the air guitar and red striped guitar whats - it called,  is grinning again at me, why is he doing that!

Nicky became my best lecturer that year. She was really amazing and she knew her stuff, and she was really bold and up front about being born with a physical disability but it never got her down. Now over 10 years later, I caught up with Nicky for an amazing personal interview. She has her own psychology business and is a motivational speaker. I want to share the interview with you all, so click the link to read it. I was sad she didnt lecture me in other subjects but I was glad when I finally saw the guy with the wierd grin, with a girlfriend eventually. Sure she looked about as a old as a girl just starting high school, at least he wasn't grinning anymore and that made class a whole lot better until the guy with the see - through white pants joined... now that's a whole different topic!

Read Nicky's awesome interview! 

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