Wednesday 3 February 2016

Hope and Help for Abused Men - Writing Elsewhere!

 Domestic violence is a major social cruelty within South Africa, while we annually discuss and rally support for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender – Based violence, many forget that domestic violence is a daily, ongoing struggle. As a researcher, I spent years interviewing, questioning, turning over statistics and policies in order to understand the extent and impact of domestic violence. My research opened up painful cruelties in terms of what women suffer at the hands of the men who claim to love them and yet another face of domestic violence suddenly began to form before my eyes.
While domestic violence has always focussed on advocating women’s rights in terms of abuse, our society has in recent years, seen a rapid increase in domestic violence against men. Worldwide statistics indicate that as many as one in three victims of abuse, are in fact males and the stigma attached to this reality prevents many men from speaking out.

We need to help our brothers, provide a safe environment for them to share their pain and we need to realise, husband abuse is on the rise....

Please join me for the rest of the article, over here Abused Men

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