Monday 15 February 2016

Just Not Everyday

  "You used to be a daily blogger?" she said with a smile,.
Was I? I thought, not that I considered myself someone who wrote a lot.
I have not had an unction to write here that much, not that the space goes quiet, there's enough thoughts on here to last, but yea this season looks different.

I have turned from and turned towards, the deeper sense of silence. My words are now being used for different purposes, some I never expected. And when God does not want me to use words for something I think about lately, He makes my words go silent. I stop to write and there is nothing. Then I pick up something else, and I feel the burning within.
My words run across the pages, both in cyber space and in real life and I am transported, they burn in front of my eyes and I am amazed, did I write that! Yes, He smiles, We wrote it together - see what I can do through you.
Wow, words are Holy. 
But of course they are and He does not want me to spend them easily. 

I have entered a different space, as though I have walked through an imaginary door in to a clearer space and I love it here. Where I dont have to expend words. I am usually a good communicator but my words are less and less, comfortable with more silence in everyday life.

Perhaps it's the season too, where stress has played a roll in learning to settle silently. In learning to breathe more openly and more deeply. In this new place, I am easier.
It wont be forever, and I still love hearing your voices, keep me up to date and with you my friends I do rejoice, in all the work you are doing, all the wonders you are joining in with and all the ways you are speaking.

Each one of you are special and I'm still going, still blogging, just perhaps not everyday! But my voice is still singing! 

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