Monday 30 November 2015

A Different Day

We got up early this morning just as well perhaps, because it was already getting hot! My hubby had not slept a wink, poor thing but we excitedly got dressed and made our way through traffic to meet a friend who just recently took on a new teaching job. He told us the school kids were quite hardcore and that a third of them were orphans and many of them were from abusive homes, filled with violence and beatings. We are no stranger to this kind of environment, in fact South Africa is sadly,  filled with violence. My husband also worked with juveniles for a while and we have visited a number of schools sharing his own story and working with kids, so we werent sure what to expect but we were expectant. 

Walking in to the school ground, the kids stared at us - new faces! And of course you always have those who run up to you and ask your name. Kids can be intimidating sometimes, especially when you dont have your own! But they can also make you feel incredibly special. So the morning devotional started and my hubs shared abit about his own story and coupled it with their own stories. There were some very interesting questions and some very brave confessions, mostly from the very little kids. 

At the end of our time with them the very little girls of about 6 or 7, came and gave me loads of hugs. I could have kept them all and suddenly I felt refreshed. The passed few days have been up and down for me, I am working hard on my new book and am experiencing the intense spiritual warfare that comes with boldly proclaiming an anointed message. I am a vessel. I am God's child and I need His daily breath and strength. I am learning a lot of new things and visiting that school today was a great gift for me. Yeshua showed me my heart again, this insatiable God desire to love and share goodness, to make a change. A desire that's been burning in my heart for some time. In our different ways, we do bring change and we make a change. There are many ways to do this and many more ways to just be who we are. Father knows, just how to refresh us with a love hug, a gentle kiss from Heaven, a way to glimpse ourselves again and to know that we can own what is inside and know that it is good.

I want to thank you all for being so great in your own special ways. I know many of you are just living life, and making a difference, you matter and you are special. Thank you for being you. And to the desires in our hearts to make bigger changes and get our hands dirty for the Kingdom - may we be blessed with God opportunities! And deeply refreshed with hugs from pure hearts!

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