Friday 7 August 2015

The Memory Project - Passing the Baton on to my Creative Friends

When I stumbled upon the Memory Project a few months ago, I never realised how Yeshua - ordained it truly was! But when I read the first few lines about it, my heart burned inside of me, I knew I had to be a part of it. The Memory Project is a project where Art students create portraits for youth around the world who've been neglected, orphaned, or disadvantage.

You receive a portrait picture in the post and you paint the precious little boy or girl on the picture. These are sent to the memory project and delivered by hand to the child you have painted. These kids are orphans or have been removed from their homes and placed in care homes or orphanages so that they can have a better life. When I contacted the Memory Project for more information, Ben the founder was so enthralled! Never before had a South African volunteered to be a part of the project and so great was his enthusiasm, that I shared my involvement with my art class and 3 more students joined up with me. That evening I sent our names off to the project and waited excitedly to receive the pictures of our kids. When the pictures finally came I prayerfully opened them and waited for God to show me which one I was to paint. "R" was my little girl that the Holy Spirit prompted me to paint and so the journey began. 

Painting this portrait was a wonderful journey but seeing the picture in the hands of "R" was the cherry on the cake. Here she is, holding the painting I made for her...

I really want to share with you all, the value and joy of being part of this project. I have signed up for the next quarter and there is still time for you to do the same. Giving these children something that can encourage them and tell them they are valuable is something truly amazing. Nothing can buy that! And the fact that someone is a distant country made something just for them is truly priceless.
Head over to the site and find out more! If you have kids you can do it with your kids, if you have a art school, you can do it together. You dont have to be a pro, in fact this was my first portrait I ever painted! I am handing the baton over to you, I hope you will join! The Memory Project Website

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