Wednesday 22 April 2015

My God - birthed Dream

I love how God wants us to dream but bigger then that, He wants to dream for us! Today in art class I heard a song that made my spiritual ears prick up. It goes like this....

                                       So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you
                                         I am strong when youre weak and Ill carry you
                                            So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand
                                              Ill show you what I can do
                                                           When I dream for you
                                                                    I have a dream for you
                                                       (Casting Crowns, Dream for you) 

Many years of my saved life required going to deep places within myself, to deep places that needed to be unlocked and healed. When the bigger places of healing were comforted and set free by the precious blood Love of Yeshua, He started to ignite the embers of my heart to dream again. Dreams that I had as a little girl, strange little things and I treasure these places and these fireflies of dreams. Even as I walk in to the new seasons of my life, God keeps unlocking little dreams inside of my heart. He even presents me with some serious challenges that form part of my calling. Challenges stretch us and give new life, if we allow it too. So today, I want to announce my God dream on my blog and I decided to share it with my fellow sisters over at My God Dream. A movement pioneered by Holley Gerth's book, a most inspiring book I must add! So you can read all about My God Dream over here My God Dream. It's a really special moment for me and a special time. God gets all the Glory and I am so thankful I am finally able to dream again and to see those dreams through hard work and dedication, tears and faith, powerful Love and relationship, come in to existence. July 2016 is around the corner, I cant wait..... 


  1. God has planted dreams in our hearts and we're supposed to grow them, not let them die completely. For they will bless not only our lives but other people as well.

    This is absolutely encouraging. Thanks for reminding me to dream again and always put my hope in Him. :) #TellHisStory

  2. Hey Lux G. Thanks for visiting! May God bless you as you persue the dreams He has for you!

  3. His dream for you is beautiful!