Friday 22 June 2018

The Ocean of Emotion - FMF

Five Minute Friday, this weeks prompt is "ocean," (totally love this prompt!) Go!

I struggle beneath the weight of emotion. Sometimes these emotions are anger, or anxiety, other times it's just a profound sense of hopeless or joy. Emotions are oceans and in a single drop of the ocean is a plethora of different things, but each thing has life. Life is everywhere, it's all around me, most of all it's within me, Life and this Life was manifest to give me sure abundant Life. In every emotion, there can be life, as it reveals something different beneath the surface.

I've grown aware of the fact that even anxiety is a way of communication. It's our heart saying something, it's our soul pointing to a real fear or thought or belief. Last week I was struck by fear at the thought of standing up in front of strangers and speaking on a unique idea I was nurturing. The fear left my chest tight. When I paused and prayed, inquiring of God as to my own emotion, He showed me what I was really facing. I wasn't scared of the speech or the people (I actually ended up really enjoying myself!), I was still dealing with pain from the way someone close to me had treated me a month ago. The pain translated in to a belief that said "people don't like you, they gonna pretend with you." This was part of the message I received from the month old argument. When I was finally able to realise that, I could go to that internal place with God and I could see life, oceans of life. Believing our Father has only our good at Heart means we can overcome the waves that overwhelm us if we but journey on a rugged ship to that place with Him. 

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