Saturday 7 January 2017

Stumbling Beautiful

I'm over at Grace Notes today, writing about how I stumbled in to Beautiful, on a trip some years back, to Venice! This piece is really about finding beauty in the strangest, most unexpected places and how that beauty can touch your heart and leave you refreshed!

Join me over here - Stumbling Upon Beautiful in Venice



  1. Hello Aliyah - I just read your article on my email feed from Grace Notes & knew I needed to find your blog. Interestingly, I have been spending the morning finding some new blogs to follow.

    I, too, am struggling to find beauty as I mourn the unexpected death of my 51 year old son just after Christmas. I am a believer in the one true God of the Bible, but even a strong faith does not readily lead me to the answers I yearn for. As a side note, I lost my husband unexpectedly just 4 1/2 years ago at age 66.

    I do not want these losses to disable me or define me, so I will do everything I can to find the place again in which I see the world & people in general as good, & life as blessed. I know I have hard work ahead, but I also claim the promise that the Lord is the husband to the widow & ultimately the only One who can bring healing to my broken heart as well as eyes to find the beautiful in life once again. Anita ~ the cabin on the creek ~ eastern Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Dear Anita, wow thank you so much for taking the time to find my blog, that means so much to me that you could come over and share your heart with me, I take that as a gift. I hear you and as so sad to learn about the death of your son, that must be difficult and can only imagine that finding beauty is always hard in the place of mourning which is so real and deep. I too experienced deep grief this year in the face of death and the cold hand of death brought with it so much pain, it makes the light hard to see. I pray for you dear Anita and I know that God graces your path to be real with your grief and to walk with HIm in to it and through it. Your conviction to claim that promise and to walk in it, is beautiful in and of itself, may our precious Savior shine as your Light and Husband, holding you close and oh so near in His arms. May His heart resound in your ears and steady your worries and fears. My beauty shine in the little places and through and in little moments that ignite great joy to you. And may this mourning turn in to ashes of joy. You are loved and I will lift you up in my prayers. Thank you so much again, for sharing - much love Aliyah*