Friday 19 December 2014

I adore You / Journey FMF

Five Minute Friday, usually there is where God starts speaking to me, haha. I think it's because it is unrehearsed and just normal..... So here goes! Start!
 I remember the first time I saw you
You do?
Yip, you were beautiful and it was in that magical moment where our worlds connected for the first time.
But not the last...
Because I never knew how much I needed you before that moment, that moment where I felt my own emptiness, my own nothingness, and now for me, there is nothing else but You.
He smiles..
I adore You
I love you and I dont want you sitting over there like a stoic statue, I want you wild and free, just like you have always been
And I want You, nothing else but You. She pauses, there really is nothing else like You, no one like You or that is as beautiful as You. I love You. It's been a journey.
Yes it has
You know the depth of it. She pauses...
He lifts her chin as she stares down... you have nothing to fear, there is nothing that still awaits that I have not done. There is nothing that can stand steadfast at your doorway, nothing can stand that I have already removed. Nothing because I just adore you.
Of course, my throne meant nothing to Me without you, that's why I traded it all for all of you. You are my love and divine treasure, I love You.
She throws her arms around His neck and holds Him tight, He laughs in delight, how I adore You!

Thank You Yeshua! STOP!
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