Wednesday 30 April 2014

Go on, Bloom!

I give you this space, right here and right now. I give you this space as one Yeshua – loving
sister to the next. I give you this space as one of the crowd, one of the great big crowd gathered around the stadium. I am one of the crowd and you are on the playing field, it’s your time. Go on.
Don’t see yourself as small, see yourself as the crowd sees you – all eyes fixed on you, all voices cheering for you. You are someone special, someone valuable and someone important, a feather in your Papa’s hat. You are important, a dream filled vessel whose dreams have paled over time but yet you are still important. You have this space right here and now, God your Papa has given it to you it’s a space in time. A time to be alive in, a time that is right now. You are alive for this generation and you have been given to the world for right now. He has given you what you need, but you have let it go, paled in the light of the chores, the dirty dishes and the unfolded laundry. The unfinished homework and note books, kisses and clean up time. At night you turn the lights out, making sure all is locked but not before you see that leather bound Bible and its Love eyeing you from below the list of papers that litter your desk. How your heart longs for your First Love. How your heart longs. You are still on the playing field young lady, maybe you have sat on the reserve bench by choice or maybe you are too scared to kick the ball. But you were called for more – that’s right, more! You are not confined or defined by your role or timidity, that’s just it – you were called for unconventional, unimaginable more. You are on the playing field and you have been chosen, you are in the flowering field and you have been singled out. What you do with your whistle call is up to you but I am sharing this with you, I give you this space. I give you this space right here and right now – so go on then precious flower take it because it’s time to Bloom!

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