Saturday 17 August 2013

Through the Eyes of the King

I see myself through the eyes of the King - I am fearfully wonderfully made, called, chosen, redeemed, blood bought and blood cleansed. Called for a higher purpose, a Higher calling of life. I am not rooted to this land and earth but I am connected to the World to Come where Yeshua is King forever. I live by the constitution of the King, I bend my knees only to Him. He is the Sun, the moon, the Saviour, the hope of all mankind, the darling of Heaven, the Lamb of God, the Rose of Sharon! He is the Glory, the Beloved, the Perfect, the Beautiful and He calls me to fly with Him on the wings of the wind as a swallow, free and pure, I am His - He has called me by name, I belong to Him alone.... I am His and He is mine I am His Daughter, His Beloved, His Chosen...

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