Friday 19 January 2018

Dreaming - FMF

Five Minute Friday Writing, 5 minutes, unedited! GO!

For the passed two days I've had the lyrics from Tangled stuck in my head. The part where she goes in to the Snuggly Duckling and finally implores them all to find their humanity and help her live her lifelong dream. Then a great song busts out and I'm left thinking about the man with the hook who wants to be a concert pianist. It goes like this;

I've always yearned to be a concert pianist
Can'tcha see me on the stage performin' Mozart?
Tickling the ivories 'til they gleam?
Yep, I'd rather be called deadly
For my killer show-tune medley
Thank you!
'Cause way down deep inside
I've got a dream."

I get excited talking about dreams even though I'm currently meandering through a dry season of deciphering my own God - dreams which somehow seem to be in a drought. However, dreams are important, they are visions, glimpses in to our hearts, pieces of our purpose and our passion. They are sign posts, keys to unlock doors of destiny. Most of all I truly believe that when we walk with God He places amazing dreams within us, just so we can find ourselves. One thing I've learned about dreams though, is that they are intentional, they seem more beautiful, ethereal and wispy when we are dreaming them, but the intentional hard wok can some times make the dreams seem, not so wispy. But to get out of the boat, and to allow ourselves the joy and the hardwork of dreaming, I think that's one of the beautiful things that makes life worth living. 


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