Friday 3 February 2017

Breathing, Living

Five Minute Friday - Prompt Breathe, Go!

Breathe in, breathe out just to check I'm still living. The heart monitor takes no breathe before it beeps, attached to the heart that holds me here, this breathe coming from within. I'm alive.

Close my eyes and feel this heartbeat, feel this breath. It's not enough to be simply breathing, simply living. Keep my eyes closed, tears fall through my webbed eye lashes, smack the bed sheets beneath him. It's not enough to be merely living. 

Open my palms, surrender. To the sound not of this heartbeat, but to Heaven. Not enough to be simply feeling, want to be finally living. He enters this place, this medical ward for barely there people, He comes in and I'm set free. 

Open my eyes and I'm alive. Breathe out and steam fills the holy space where this Kiss of Grace has redeemed life for me. I'm free, fully alive. Get up, feet touch tender grass, open fields call to me, the road to my left glistens before me. Feel the smile of my lighter chest, the rhythm of God's breath within me, fully alive, birthed from the Wood of the Cross. Fully living, alive....

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  1. Oh, this paints such a beautiful picture of our life in Christ! So glad I stopped by today. I'm a couple people down the row from you at #FiveMinuteFriday. I always love reading your words. Blessings to you and have a great weekend!

  2. He comes in and I am set free.... this line gave me sweet chills... powerful. His freedom comes with His resurrection breath in us! Great meeting you over at Kate's today! And now checking out your author page... have an amazing weekend! Hugs and blessings.