Friday 12 August 2016

She Lifted Me - FMF

Another round of Five Minute Friday, this weeks Prompt - Lift! Go.

This week has been amazing, tied together with its ups and downs! Tuesday was the book launch celebration and for me, it was the Wonderful Presence of Yeshua touching peoples hearts and lives, that really mattered. It was also the amazing openness of hearts, love shared and stories told, words received and given, that blessed and warmed my heart. I am loving this journey, thank You Father for gracing me with this seed to steward, I am so in awe. The week was also not without challenge, still we believe for miracles, but settled within because we know that Father is our Source. HalleluYah!

This evening as my heart dipped in to sadness, a sadness that only Father understood, the phone rang and a dear friend called to say hi. She never calls, in fact months can go by without a sound, but we will always be there, always friends. She was at the book launch celebration, and on the phone she shared with me how God had touched her life. I knew in my heart (without hearing it from her) that she has been in a hard place and to hear how refreshed she was by the Holy Spirit and how directly Father had spoken to her at the celebration, it lifted my spirits. As much as she wanted to say "praise God and thank you friend," her words lifted me. I also received a picture from another friend who had to rush his wife to hospital this week, unexpectedly. Along with his message was a picture of his wife holding "Yehudit," he told me that she was admitted to hospital, put on some very heavy medicine but she kept on asking him to bring Yehudit down to keep him compant. I wept when I received the picture, this is exactly what I wanted for this book, this message. I am in awe, and together I am tied to these precious friends through our current challenges and griefs, tied by a simple truth, Yeshua's amazing Love in the gift of a story....

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  1. What a lovely post, and congratulations on the launch! It's really a special time, and I'm so glad your was filled with meaning and grace.

    #2 at FMF this week.

    1. Hi Andrew, bless you thank you for visiting and your kinds words, I hope you have a fabulous week with many blessings :))

  2. Beautiful post. God is so faithful. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us too.