Wednesday 2 September 2015

Reflecting on the Breathing Moments

Tonight I feel this deep need to sit down and just breathe, breathe in the Love of Abba Father that is all around me. August had challenges and it seems that in the midst of this valley, I have answered the Voice inside and said "yes Papa, I will go and meet You in the desert. In fact I have journeyed out in to the desert long ago and here I live, nomadic like my forefathers Israel, journeying through the 42 stops that is my life. I am not afraid, when I turn my face to the whipping wind and lead my camel forward, knowing that in the Wind is the Softness of Your whisper. Here are the special things that make meaning right now in the desert journey.

- Journeying through my cats travail of being a diabetic has been challenging. It is not easy, our cat is our child and his journey has been one of two parents looking out for him as they would for a child. With tears, fears and hope. Looking up in to Gods Father Face has been the only thing that has kept me glued so many times. I also learned how quickly one adapts to a new routine, our routine has totally changed. Daily I am praying for him to lose his dependency and be the amazing creature he always is. Part of my stop here at this place has broken something open in me, something God wanted to bring to the surface and heal, it's personal and I'm a work in progress.

- Discovering Robyn Davidson's story about her trek through the interior of Australia has been huge for me. Father has really been speaking to me through these powerful images - go and read about her journey! 

- I finished a painting for my dad this week! Yey, this is a huge milestone. My first painting for someone else and it was a challenge but right now as it sits drying off in the lounge, I am so excited to give it to him.

- Hard times are part of life and marriage. I love my hubby and times get tough. We deal with the stress and the breakdown, we deal with the tears and the anger, the frustration and the sheer despair of many things that seem to face us and yet we still love, still grow, still deepen and still continue to hold hands out to one another, may God be praised. We celebrated our wedding anniversary this past month.

- Good news and surprises are up Gods sleeve too! I got a call from my publisher informing me that my book will be released in both Afrikaans and in English in July and that it will be going to the International Book Fair in October, how exciting! Totally beyond my wildest dreams! And being nominated for the Life Leadership Series was a stunning step. To give a message of hope and empowerment to other women, especially young women was another deep story. A real refreshing oasis, it showed me again how deep my heart beats for equality and for women to live their hero dreams! A few months ago Yeshua birthed a course in my heart about finding the heroine in your story, I have put it aside because I sensed the time was not right and suddenly overflowing life is just flowing out of me to begin on it again and get it down. I am overwhelmed with Love.

- The Father's Heart, Arms and Action regarding my Life. I have journeyed through the years of fatherlessness. In 2010 I came face to face with the pain and intense woundedness within my being due to the authoritarian father I had growing up. Through the years God has wound a love thread, a Golden thread through the tapestry of my story. The golden thread of Him as my Father in a way I cannot explain. Again, this week He dug deeper with His Love and I am a child in love. Its a very special thing to me to have a Father I can unafraidly say "I love you" to. For 26 years my earthly father never told me he loved me, when I asked him why it was a necessary conversation. This morning I woke up with a fresh touch of God's love and as I went in to the bathroom I just started jumping and saying I love you, I love you! To which I heard His audible reply "and I love you!" I want to share with everyone that this Father Heart is available to everyone, please take the journey.

  Here's to springtime and the hope that Father's word for my life will be fulfilled...
Song of Songs 2 : 11 - 12 
See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

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