Friday 13 February 2015

FMF - When I

When I feel like there is so much inside of me but I cant find the words...
When I feel as though my head is spinning, I cant even remember what day it is
When I feel as though there is no peace to be found here, no space to spin out of control
When I feel overwhelmed at the hard times that no one can understand
When I feel as though there may not be enough answers, or enough arrows to point the way

It's then when I remember Your Name, and I hear You call to me through the rain. It's then when I remember how you know each strand of hair and how You know my name. It's then when I cling to Your Word, drown inside of its truth and feel myself refreshed by every fibre of immortal truth. It's then when I sping and collapse in to You. You are always waiting, always hoping for me just to find a way to You. Thank You Yeshua for You are all my "whens...." 

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  1. Perfect reminder for today... When life seems too big, God is always there, guiding us and caring for us. I especially appreciate that you end with thanking Yeshua for the whens - they are what shape us and our relationship with him. Thank you for this! (Visiting from FMF)

    1. Hey Annie, thank you! Yip, they do shape us indeed never nice when you going through it but the understanding that there is brighter days ahead is what counts. Have a blessed weekend! :))

  2. He is there for all our "whens" isn't He?