Friday 14 November 2014

FMF - Be Still

Five Minute Friday - Start. Where writers get to write on the topic for exactly five minutes!

Still. Be still. Hush. Go quiet. Not out there, inside.
Hush be silent in your surroundings chaos, but inside it is still.
Journey, the measure of stillness within your spirit, it's a journey. Some will never find it.
But you, you have wondered in to it. Still, be still - stillness, rest in the Palm of God, nowhere else.
No man can give it, no person can endow it - only Messiah truly gave it.
His perfect death, His moment on the cross burst like wind across the landscape, bursting through the temple, bursting through the soul, the spirit, the sickness, the wounds - and then suddenly all grew still. Still.
Be still, you have journeyed so far but still in the ravines you stand, longing for the stillness.
Not found on the shorelines of a quiet ocean time, not found on the banks of a river full of ducks.
Stillness, found within. Not as the new agers grin to give it, not as the super stars of Sodom think they understand it. Stillness it comes through walking across the Ultimate Cross, the wooden Beam that stretched across the great ravine and closed that divide. It made rest possible, it made peace tangible. Still. Found within the Soul, in the Spirit who knows its God. Be still, breathe in and keep going, across the great divide until all is peacefully still....

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  1. I love the lyrical-ness of this. Is that a word? I don't know....but your words are beautiful.

    1. Hey Jeri :))) Well it is a word now, I like it!! Thank you so much. Blessings for a great week!